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Diapason d'Or for Collegium 1704!

"Maximum effect, minimum means – a delicate interpretation of the stunning Stabat Mater for 4 voices, by F. I. Tůma..."
Accolade by French Diapason for CD by Collegium Vocale 1704 and Collegium 1704 "Zelenka / Tůma"
Andrew McGregor
BBC Radio 3

Building a Library: Gluck – Orfeo ed Euridice

"The performance which for me brings opera to life as I've never seen it before. (...) winning performance (...) exactly what Gluck was originally trying to achieve. (...) The whole thing is beautifully done. The choreography and costumes are a perfect fit and the small chorus is fine tune to the action." 
Cynthia Wilson

Václav Luks and Collegium 1704 launch Utrecht's Festival of Early Music

"Luks' passion for the unsung heroes of his region is already legend (...) it was not only royal, it was a heavenly blessing..."
David Vickers

Gramophone Magazine Editor's Choice & Disc of the Month for CD Zelenka: Officium defunctorum & Requiem

Officium defunctorum & Requiem has been honoured with prestigious Gramophone Magazine Editor's Choice and chosen as Disc of the Month June 2011.

"Václav Luks directs the Officium defunctorum with ample dramatic energy; Collegium 1704’s players and choir perform with lyricism and precision. The extraordinary invitatory sequence has some astonishing dramatic gestures in its orchestral ritornellos, and alto Markéta Cukrová and the excellent choir interleave fluently. (...) Collegium 1704’s horns, trumpets and flutes create charming textures in the opening and closing parts of the celebratory Kyrie, which flank Hana Blažíková’s graceful singing in 'Christe eleison'. (...) A fabulous masterpiece is unveiled."
Jean-Luc Macia

Diapason d'Or / Discovery

"The whole CD, from the beginning up to its very end, is a testimony of preciseness and rare stylistic perfection of Collegium 1704. This is a real music discovery."

Diapason d'Or for the CD recording of “Officium defunctorum” and “Requiem in D” by J. D. Zelenka
Ingobert Waltenberger
Der Neue Merker

Versailles Grand Trianon: Gala of the 4 Countertenors

Splendidly the famous palace, which Ludwig XIV had built by Jules Hardouin-Mansart, lies in first summer evening’s sunshine. The famous marble’s pink of the columned hall reflects the light of the flourishing meadows. An atmosphere to kneel down, before the enthusiasts of Baroque music timely take a seat in the great hall, while Czech ensemble Collegium 1704 is tuning their instruments. All are waiting for the contest of four of the most important countertenors of our time for the favour of Händel and his contemporaries as much as the audience.
Among so much heavenly vocal music Václav Luks is capable to set the right dramatic-earthly counterpoint with utmost intuition. The ensemble, most enthusiastic and in perfect harmony, pleasantly stands out from the esoteric chirping of other minimalistic cast Baroque orchestras. It builds up the essential columns on the solemn dance-like parquet floor, on which the shiny vocal rockets find hold and grounding for their ephemeral art.
Steven Ritter
Audiophile Audition

Zelenka specialists put their stamp stamp on Bach’s B Minor masterpiece

"But perhaps the most telling thing about this recording is the way that Luks so brilliantly holds together this behemoth, stylistically varied and technically indulgent in so many Baroque forms and effects. His players and singers are readily enthusiastic about the enterprise, making this the most exciting version of the Mass I have ever heard."

J. S. Bach: B Minor Mass CD review
Benjamin Künzel

Orfeo laments three times

This ambiguous opera movie is gripping from the first to the very last minute. [...] The singers are accompanied by the early music orchestra Collegium 1704, which too appears in costumes and make-up in the historical pit under candlelight illumination. Conductor Václav Luks directs his musicians and the concise choir lively and sensitive through the abysses of world and underworld. A feast for ears and eyes, which long continues to make impression on the spectator.

Gluck, Christoph Willibald: Orpheus & Eurydike
Gottfried Franz Kasparek

Great succes in Salzburger Festspiele

"Václav Luks, Bohemian Baroque Specialist and conductor of this mamorable implementation, worked with his collegium vocale 1704, miraculously clearly articulated, in all voice positions intoxicated but transparently sounds chorus and Orchestra Collegium 1704. The Latter, led by perfect First violinist Helena Zemanovou, Plays The Baroque Instruments With Great Commonplace, Naturally Historically informed and with emotional charge in any tact... Big cheering and standing ovations. ...An early return to Salzburg is asked. What about with music of Czech weirdo next to Bach, Jana Dismase Zelenka, whose music Luks records bravely?"

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