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Johann Christoph SCHMIDT – Les Quatre Saisons

The Elector court in Dresden celebrated, in 1719, marriage of dauphin August and Marie Josephe, daughter of the Austrian Emperor. Magnificent festivities attracted aristocratic families, as well as artists from all over Europe. All entertainments turned around divertissement Les Quatre Saisons by Johann Christophe Schmidt (1664–1728), music composed in the French style that reminded glance of divertissements performed at the Royal court of Louis XIV in Versailles.

Les Quatre Saisons celebrate young marrieds in a form of opera-ballet representing allegoric benediction of Gods such as Venus (Fertility), Amor (Love), Apollo (Beauty), Minerva (Wisdom) et Mercury (Divine Gifts) who come on Elbe to glorify new couple.


Johann Christoph Schmidt (1664–1728)
Les Quatre Saisons
Divertissement de Music & Dance, Lyrics by Jean Poisson
Divertissements by Jean-Baptist de Lully, André Campra and Antione Charpentier

Collegium 1704
5 – 4 – 4 – 2 (viole de gambe in alternance) – 1
2 oboes – bassoon 2 trumpet – lute – harpsichord

Collegium Vocale 1704
2 – 2 – 2 – 2

2 sopranos – alto – bass

Václav Luks – conductor

Duration: 2 h

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