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Mass in B minor as referential recording in Goertz' TOP 100

slunceIt is not surprising that one of the most sold German press, Rheinische Post, considered Bach's Mass in B minor the best classical piece ever. What is great surprise is that they considered Collegium 1704's recording as the referential one – among all the others!

Delightful recording from Prague
"At the moment, the most delightful recording os Bach's Mass in B minor doesn't come from any of the tipycal center of early music like Vienna, Berlin, London or Amsterdam, but from Prague. Collegium Vocale 1704 under the baton of Václav Luks is marvellous choir with enhancing youthfullness, vocal brilliancy and inteligence. Temps are fascinating, sometimes fastz, sometimes surprisingly tranquil. Ingenious finale: from forte, it bends into a questioning mezzoforte of the final chord," says music editor of the Rheinische Post, Wolfram Goertz, about the Collegium 1704's approach to this opus magnum.

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More about the Goertz' TOP 100 http://www.rp-online.de/kultur/musik/goertz100/top-100-von-wolfram-goertz-platz-1-bachs-h-moll-messe-aid-1.5607182.

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