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Collegium 1704 has released the world premiere recording of Zelenka's Missa Divi Xaverii

Zelenka: CD Missa Divi XaveriiIt is a great pleasure to announce a new release of a long-expected world premiere recording of Missa Divi Xaverii ZWV 12 composed by Jan Dismas Zelenka. In the CD, the mass is thematically supplemented by Zelenka’s Litaniae de Sancto Xaverio ZWV 156, in a world premiere recording as well. The CD will be officially introduced to the public this week at the concerts of Collegium 1704 in the Church of St Anne – Prague Crossroads on 17 & 18 February and in the Annenkirche Dresden, Germany on 19 February.

Missa Divi Xaverii is considered as one of Zelenka‘s most prominent compositions: why then had we wait so long for its world premiere recording?
“In terms of its musical notation, the Solemn Mass of Saint Xavier of 1729 is one of Zelenka’s most problematic works. Energetic, hasty pen strokes are a typical feature of Zelenka’s manuscripts, although in the case of his Missa Divi Xaverii, his notation is even more sketch-like and more poorly legible than usual. The score reconstruction was very complicated, not only because of Zelenka’s hand writing, but also due to extensive damages caused by mildew, unprofessional editing cuts and even fire and worms,“ describes Václav Luks, who reconstructed the score according to sources in the German archives, the peripetia behind.

The recording has been published by the Accent label. Also, on this occassion, there has been published the score and music material under the edition by Václav Luks by Editio Bärenreiter.

The recording of Zelenka’s mass was financially supported by Ministry of culture of the Czech Republic as well as tens of individual supporters from all aroung the world. We thank you once again! 
Those supporters, whose benefits include also the CD itself, can expect the recording to be delivered within the next days.

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