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Support the making of a unique recording of Zelenka's trio sonatas performed by extraordinary musicians

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After successful and internationally renowned recordings of Bach's Mass in b minor and recently released Zelenka's Missa Divi Xaverii, Collegium 1704 is working on a new project - a recording of Zelenka's trio sonatas.

The last complete recording of all six sonatas on historical instruments was made over twenty years ago (Ensemble Zefiro, 1993), so the new recording by Collegium 1704 is eagerly anticipated.

The collection of six sonatas by Jan Dismas Zelenka is composed – with the exception of Sonata No. 3 that employ the violin – for a pair of oboes, bassoon, and basso continuo. In the context of Baroque chamber music, this represents a true rarity. Here, Zelenka elevates the sonata da camera to a genre of enormous technical difficulty for the performers, making especially great demands on the wind players, and the composer confronts his listeners with a most intimately personal statement. Zelenka’s sonatas are exceptional works in the repertoire of Baroque chamber music, but because of their great difficulty, they appear only occasionally on concert programmes. Recordings of these sonatas are equally rare.

The cost of making this recording will be in excess of 25 000 EUR. This exceptional project will require the combined forces of everyone who cares about the fate of Zelenka’s music, and every contribution towards the realization of the recording is of invaluable assistance!

The Indiegogo campaign has been finished recently, gaining € 2,476 in total. Thank you very much to all of you who contributed!

You can still become a part of the project and support the recording via the bank account of Collegium 1704, IBAN: CZ8720100000002600961955, BIC/Swift: FIOBCZPPXXX.

We send sincere thanks to all the supporters!

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