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Jiří Antonín Benda

Concertos for harpsichord, 2 violins,
viola and cello
270 Kč
Jiří Antonín Benda (1722–1795)

5 Diapasons
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The performance of Václav Luks and his Collegium 1704 calls for praise. (...) It is remarkable recording which belongs to the best ones in this repertoir.
(Philippe Ramin, Diapason, 2/2006)

Collegium 1704, with the excellent Václav Luks on harpsichord, bring this cosmopolitan era to life quite brilliantly. The lively atmosphere of the time is reconstructed with a 'classical' spirit. (...) Luks and his Collegium demonstrate their ability to honour the high level of craftsmanship in this music.
(Giampaolo Mele, Goldberg, 2006)


Václav Luks harpsichord
Collegium 1704
Lenka Koubková violin
Jan Hádek violin
Michal Kuchařík viola
Libor Mašek violoncello

Jiří Antonín Benda (1722–1795)
Concerts for harpsichord in G major, b minor, f minor a G major

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