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The season 2020—21 will be inaugurated by one of the most famous works in the history of music, Handel’s Messiah, and this “messianic” spirit pervades the dramaturgy of the whole concert series. The unconventional programme of the Advent concert will recreate the atmosphere of Italian Baroque Christmas and we shall celebrate the arrival of the New Year with Mozart’s Coronation Mass.


Mysliveček's Olimpiade in the new documentary

Zpoved zapomenuteho plakat vyrezA new documentary by Petr Václav, Confession of the Forgotten/Zpověď zapomenutého about Josef Mysliveček, had its premiere on 2 April 2015. have a look on the trailer (in Czech only). The film consists of the rehearsal recordings of his opera Olimpiade, conducted by Václav Luks and Collegium 1704 – combined with the sensitive hand camera shots of the places where Mysliveček lived: in Naples, Venice, Bologna and Florence. Very little is known about the life of this interesting personality and only a small part of his music was preserved.

Petr Václav's feature The Way Out (Moloko Film) was recently awarded with several Czech Lions and Czech Critics' Awards. "We think it is very important to work with opera through film, and not only through television genres. The Cinematography Fund supported both production and distribution of this film and we are planning to show it not only in classical cinemas but also at music festivals and on DVD and Blue Ray at special screenings for lovers of classical music," says Jan Macola, the producer of the film.

The D.o.P of the film is Miroslav Janek, the Czech Lion holder for the films Citizen Havel coproduced by Negativ, Studio KF and FTV; by Michael Wolkowitz, with the partnership of private Czech TV channel Nova, and Olga produced by Film & Sociologie. Shooting and editing of the film took more than two years, during which Petr Václav was simultaneously working on the screenplay of a long feature about the unusual fate of this composer, whose career reminds us of the rise and fall of the mythological Icarus.

The film is produced by Jan Macola and Mimesis Film, in coproduction with Czech Television and Cinema Defacto (France), supported by the State Cinematography Fund. This week Confession of the Forgotten will be released for Czech cinema distribution.

Current screenings in Czech cinemas:
Kroměříž, Kino Nadsklepí
8.4.2015 od 20:00

Prague, Lucerna Cinema:
10. 4. 2015, 18:45
16. 4. 2015, 20:30
22. 4. 2015, 18:30
13. 5. 2015, 19:00
22. 5. 2015, 18:45
29. 5. 2015, 18:45



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