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Dresden - Annenkirche
14 / 2 / 2021

De profundis

For František Ignác Tůma, Vienna became a long-term home and he contributed to the formation of Viennese music culture in the first half of the eighteenth century. Unlike him, Jan Dismas Zelenka merely passed through the imperial capital, so that he could study counterpoint with the celebrated J. J. Fux in 171619. This brief experience nonetheless influenced Zelenka’s musical language so deeply that the inspiration by classical counterpoint can be traced even in his mature works, including Miserere d moll.

Annenkirche, Dresden, Germany
14. 02. 2021 –  7.30 pm

Collegium 1704 & Collegium Vocale 1704
Václav Luks | conductor

A. Caldara  Missa Matris dolorosa                           
J. D. Zelenka — 
De profundis ZWV 97          
J. D. Zelenka  
In exitu Israel ZWV 83
F. I. A. Tůma — 
Stabat Mater             
J. D. Zelenka  — 
Miserere d moll ZWV 56

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