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Italian Cultural Institute - baroque chapel
8 / 10 / 2019

Historia di Jephte

Historia di Jephte, the tragic tale of a Jewish king who sacrificed his only daughter to the Lord after victory in war, is one of the most famous of Carissimi’s fourteen oratorios. On the other hand, Missa L’homme armé, an important parody Mass for triple choir based on the well-known Renaissance chanson melody, is one of the lesser-known works of Giacomo Carissimi, and its authorship has been attributed to him primarily on the basis of compositional parallels.

Pre-concert talk with Václav Luks, 6.30 pm
Italian Cultural Institute — baroque chapel, Prague, Czech Republic
08. 10. 2019 –  7.30 pm

Collegium Vocale 1704 & Collegium 1704
Václav Luks | conductor

G. Frescobaldi  —  Canzona quinta detta „La Tromboncina“
G. Carissimi
Missa a 3 cori „L’homme armée“
G. Frescobaldi —  
Canzona prima perta basso solo
G. Carissimi —
Historia di Jephte

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