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C. Monteverdi: Vesers for the Blessed Virgin

Monteverdi's Vespers for the Blessed Virgin are a revolutionary work, in which the composer combines the sublime art of vocal polyphony with the newly emerging language of opera and with instrumental virtuosity. Thanks to his originality and creative daring, we can today admire this work both as a document of the excellence of the music produced in Venice in the late sixteenth and early seventeenth centuries and, above all, as a unique monument that blazed new trails for the development of European music at the beginning of a new era.
Martinskirche, Kassel, Germany
27. 10. 2016 –  8.00 pm

Opening concert of the season Kasseler Musiktage 2016

Collegium 1704

Collegium Vocale 1704

Václlav Luks – conductor

C. Monteverdi — Vespro della beata Vergine (1610)

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