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Il Ritorno d´Ulisse in Patria

Reprise of the opera Il Ritorno d´Ulisse in Patria by one of the most famous Renaissance composers Claudio Monteverdi played to the occasion of his 450th birth anniversary last year. Conducted by Václav Luks in collaboration with director Wlly Decker in Hamburg Staatsoper.
Staatsoper Hamburg, Hamburg, Germany
25. 01. 2019 –  7.00 pm

Musical Director - Václav Luks
Director - Willy Decker
Set Designer - Wolfgang Gussmann
Costume Designer - Wolfgang Gussmann, Susana Mendoza
Lighting Designer - Franck Evin
Artistic Collaboration - Jan Eßinger
Dramaturgy - Kathrin Brunner

Claudio Monteverdi - Il Ritorno d´Ulisse in Patria

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