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Mass in B minor

Its very first publisher, Hans-Georg Nägeli, already termed this mass “the greatest musical masterpiece of all times and nations.” The unsurpassed quality of this colossal work has fascinated musicians and concert-goers for more than 250 years. But this same boundless respect as well as performance traditions handed down from the times of Romanticism have functioned as blinders, preventing us from seeing the mass without bias or preconceptions. Even if it is impossible to discover any universal truth about how to perform it, Collegium 1704 will look in on this brilliant work without fear although still with humility and try to show its magnificently vivid colours without the accumulated patina of interpretive tradition.
Elbphilharmonie, Hamburg, Germany
06. 08. 2019 –  8.00 pm

Hana Blažíková – soprano
Luciana Mancini – mezzo-soprano
Benno Schachtner – countertenor
Václav Čížek – tenor
Tomáš Král – bass 
Jaromír Nosek – bass

Václav Luks
 – conductor
Collegium 1704
& Collegium Vocale

J. S. Bach – Mass in B minor BWV 232

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