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Josef MYSLIVEČEK – L'Olimpiade

The opera was first performed at the Teatro San Carlo in Naples on 4 November 1778, the name day of king Charles III of Spain, the former ruler of the Kingdom of Naples whose birthday and name day were still celebrated with operatic productions under the rule of his son Ferdinand. It is unquesti-onably one of the finest settings of this Metastasian libretto ever produced. Contemporary music criticism praised in particular the composer's setting of the aria "Se cerca, se dice" as sung by Luigi Marchesi, a close friend and professional collaborator of the composer.

Clistene, king of Sicyon – tenor
Aristea, his daughter, beloved of Megacle – soprano
Megacle, in love with Aristea, friend of Licida soprano
Licida, believed to be the son of the king of Crete, in love with Aristea, friend of Megacle – mezzo-soprano
Argene, a Cretan lady dressed as a shepherdess under the name of Licori, in love with Licida – soprano   
Aminta, tutor of Licida    – tenor
Alcandro, confidant of Clistene    – soprano (breeches role)

National Theatre in Prague (CR), théâtre de CaenOpéra de Dijon (FR) & Grand Théâtre de Luxembourg (LU)

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